Licensed, Bonded & Insured

About Us

Kitco was founded by Gary Banks in 1991; Gary Banks was a United States Postal Worker who had a keen understanding of transportation logistics. Kitco started small with one car making courier runs.  Today, Kitco has grown much larger and is the leading courier service in Kitsap County. We are proud to be locally owned, locally operated and not a franchise! Kitco is aimed at helping your business be successful in the transportation of its important assets and doing it cost effectively for your business.

Our CEO, Alan Quigley, has brought back to Kitco the same keen understanding of transportation logistics as Kitco's founder.  Alan is a retired United States Postal Officer who has years of experience in the safe transportation and management of business assets. Alan is a family man with 40+ years of faithful marriage under his belt; Alan also has four beautiful children and five grandchildren. 

Customer Service
At Kitco, we truly value your business. This is often said by other businesses, but at Kitco we make intentional efforts to provide you service par none.  Many courier businesses have a number of standard rules and fees. At Kitco, we do have some unavoidable rules, but we are willing to be flexible to help your business succeed. 
As an example, one of our valued customers has a contract for transportation of their inner office packages.  Our customer called and said they needed help transporting party supplies for their company picnic… while "picnic supplies" was not in our contract, we helped our valued customer and they had a successful company picnic.  
Kitco works very hard to develop a partnership with you. We want our service offerings to be dependable, flexible and hassle free. We are always interested in how we can better meet your transportation needs.

Our Philosophy
As a business, you are entrusting Kitco with your valued assets and we take your trust seriously. Our CEO's promise is to hire only professional drivers with impeccable driving records to transport your valued assets - no compromise. Our goal is for your Kitco experience to be dependable day-in and day-out and be absolutely hassle free.  Kitco always strives to pass a cost savings to you and make our services cost effective for your business. We care about our community and see our company as an important community member who leads by example. We hope our corporate philosophy and business services demonstrate we will be a trusted partner in your success.