Licensed, Bonded & Insured


Kitco drivers bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to their jobs. All drivers are professionals who transport items with care and in a timely manner.  Meeting your needs is one of our top priorities, and Kitco drivers always handle those extra business needs. 

Becoming a Kitco Professional Driver
Kitco drivers are entrusted with great responsibility. The care and transportation of another businesses' assets is not something to be considered lightly.  These transports range from company payroll to time sensitive materials that require on-time delivery that is dependable every day.  A Kitco Professional driver is a key business investment and crucial to the continued success of Kitco.  

Who should apply?
This is an ideal position for a retired person, with a clean driving record.  Kitco cannot entrust the responsibility of transporting valuable assets to individuals with driving records that are less than impeccable. Kitco has invested heavily by obtaining licensing, bonding and insurance so it is a necessity that Kitco has professional drivers who never compromise on safety. Kitco's great success has largely been due to our valued customers.  A Kitco professional driver is always courteous, clean, free of a foul mouth and off-color jokes and treats our customers with the utmost respect.
Additional Details
    - Must be agile and able to lift up to 50 pounds
    - Company car is provided
    - General work days are Monday - Friday 
    - Work is part-time and averages 4-6 hours a day
Do you have what it takes to be a Kitco professional driver?
    Download the Job Application below and fax to (360) 329-7516. 
    You may email with questions about the position to
    No phone calls please.