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Green Initiatives

Vehicles with high MPG
Kitco strives to adopt green practices when we can. One of our most notable efforts was the purchase of all American vehicles that average approximately 30 miles per gallon. All vehicles conform to Washington State emissions standards and receive regularly scheduled maintenance - this helps prevent fluid leakage onto roads that seep into our watersheds. 
One of Kitco's biggest daily green initiatives is the recycling of unused or old flyers. The discarded paper is recycled into other products for reuse. Kitco also offers flyers printed on recycled paper for likeminded green individuals. You can make a difference by requesting your flyers to be printed on recycled paper.

Vehicle Washes
We utilize only specialty car wash companies. Kitco only uses car wash retailers who are also concerned about protecting the local environment and the waterways. All Kitco approved car washes reclaim the water they use; this conserves water and also reduces the risk of pollutants making their way into streams, rivers or the Puget Sound. As a partner, Kitco is serious about cleaning vehicles in ways that protect our local environment.